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Dinner Menu


*gluten free   *dairy free

Louisiana Crawfish Boil * * market price

Live Louisiana crawfish cooked in our Cajun boil - Seasonal    Priced daily by the pound

Make it Deluxe with potatoes, corn on the cob and mushrooms  $5

Louisiana Shrimp Boil ** $20 -  

Cooked in our spicy Cajun boil

Make it Deluxe with potatoes, corn on the cob and mushrooms  $5

Louisiana Oysters **
Raw, on the half shell Market Price

Oysters Bienville  $18 for 6
Louisiana Oysters topped with our sauce of spicy shrimp, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and Sherry, then baked

Oysters Rockefeller  $18 for 6
Louisiana Oysters topped with our sauce of fresh spinach, bacon and Anisette liqueur, then baked

Crab Fingers * $13
No cracking required crab fingers sautéed in a garlic butter sauce

Gator Bites
** $11
White meat LA alligator marinated in a Cajun sauce, dusted in seasoned cornmeal, fried crisp and served with Remoulade Sauce for dipping

Crawfish Stuffed Bread


A homemade crawfish tail and cheese stuffing, baked in a hollowed out French baguette, crisp and gooey.

Crawfish Cheesecake
Crawfish tails, Andouille sausage and cheese baked in a cheese and bread crumb crust.  A party in your mouth!

Crawfish Cheese Toast
Our French baguette toasted with butter and seasonings, topped with crawfish tails and melted Parmesan

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
Crab and pureed vegetables with a "bite" of spice, baked in fresh mushrooms

Crab or Crawfish Cake
One of Mara's crab OR crawfish cakes, crabby with a "bite" of spice, served with a fried pickle garnish and Mara's Remoulade sauce

Cornbread Etouffee 
Our jalapeño cornbread smothered with your choice of Shrimp or Crawfish Etouffee

Artichoke Dip
* $8
This baked dip has been a family favorite for generations, served with crackers

Spicy Artichoke (Seasonal)
** $8
A whole, fresh artichoke cooked in our spicy boil, served with Remoulade sauce for dipping

Spicy Shrimp Dip
Chilled spicy shrimp blended with cream cheese and herbs, served with crackers

Quarter Rack Smoked Ribs **  $6

Cajun seasoned Onion Rings  $6

Fried Green Tomatoes
*  $7
Green tomatoes sliced and dusted in seasoned cornmeal then fried crisp served with Remoulade sauce

Fried Pickles
**  $6
Pickle slices dusted in seasoned cornmeal and fried crisp, served with Remoulade sauce for dipping

Hush Puppies
Fried jalapeño cornbread served with Mara's herbed butter

Hot Potatoes
**  $7
These boiled potatoes are hot in more than one way

Mara’s House Salad
**  $8
Romaine, hard boiled egg, avocado and tomato tossed with Mara’s Italian dressing
Traditional Caesar 
Romaine lettuce tossed with shredded parmesan, croutons and Mara’s homemade oil based anchovy Caesar dressing


Okra Seafood OR Chicken Andouille Gumbo
*  $9

Texas all-beef Chili
**  $9


Land Selections

Chicken Fried Steak *  $16
Round steak tenderized, dredged in seasoned flour, pan fried crisp, smothered with choice of gravy, served with gravy covered white rice or smoked garlic mashed potatoes
Southern Fried Chicken
A family favorite for generations, served with smoked garlic mashed potatoes, choice of white or brown gravy
Macaroni & Cheese 
Entree Portion $15 OR Side Portion $7

Mara’s traditional macaroni & cheese is prepared with a blend of sharp cheddar and parmesan cheeses

Seafood Selections

Clambake with Lobster, Mussels and/or Clams    Seasonal     Market Price
Steamed in a wine, champagne and garlic broth with a "bite" of spice
Hard Shell Blue Crabs - Seasonal    Market Price
Soft Shell Crabs           - Seasonal    Market Price
Sautéed in garlic butter, served on a bed of rice pilaf

Lobster Roll
Seasonal    Market Price
served with Cajun seasoned onion rings OR no-mayo cole slaw
New Orleans’ BBQ Black Peppered Shrimp
Jumbo, shell on, Gulf coast shrimp marinated in black pepper, baked in butter and spices, served with bread for dunking

Killer Shrimp
**  $18
Large, shell-on Gulf coast shrimp cooked in a flavorful water based broth, served with the broth and bread for dunking
Blackened Redfish    $23
Redfish fillet blackened with Mara's special blend of spices, served on a medley of lightly sautéed

Creole Spiced Shrimp Linguine 
* $18   
Linguine tossed with a spicy tomato sauce and Gulf coast shrimp

Crawfish Mara  $20
Spiral pasta cooked in our spicy boil, covered with a spicy cream sauce, swimming with crawfish tails

Crawfish Pot Pie
$16 (not available for take out)
Crawfish tails, cheese and spices baked in our homemade pot pie crust

Crab OR Crawfish Cake Dinner    $22
Two cakes, crabby with a burst of flavor, served with a side of shrimp OR crawfish Etouffee and a side of Remoulade sauce


Creole Catfish
**  $18
Alabama farm raised catfish filet Creole spiced then baked, topped with fresh tomatoes and onions in a white wine sauce, served with sautéed collard greens

Catfish New Orleans 
Alabama farm raised catfish sautéed in Creole seasonings, smothered with crawfish Etouffee, served on a bed of white rice
Southern Fried Alabama Farm Raised Catfish
Coated in seasoned cornmeal, fried crisp, served with smoked garlic mashed potatoes
Pecan Crusted Catfish  $22
Coated in crushed toasted pecans and bread crumbs, baked, then served on a bed of yams and drizzled with a coulis made with Abita Pecan Harvest beer

Fisherman's Platter
**  $17
Alabama farm raised catfish, Gulf coast shrimp and Gulf coast Oysters, dusted with seasoned cornmeal and fried crisp, served with hush puppies, smoked garlic mashed potatoes and Remoulade sauce
Combination Platter * $17

Shrimp Creole, Jambalaya and Red Beans and Rice

Side Dishes

$5 each OR 3/$14
Collard Greens cooked with Andouille sausage
Sautéed Collard Greens *
Fried Okra
Vegetarian Louisiana Camellia Black-Eyed Peas **
Louisiana Camellia Red Beans and Rice **
Sweet Potato Marshmallow Casserole
Smoked Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Cheese Grits *
Corn Pudding **
Smoked Corn on the Cob **

$3 each
Smoked "Levi" Beans
No-Mayo Cole Slaw
Potato Salad


Rice spiced and simmered with Louisiana Andouille Sausage and Chicken
Cajun style - no tomatoes or tomato products included

Crawfish OR
Shrimp Etouffee 
Peeled Gulf coast Shrimp OR Crawfish tails gently simmered in a buttery spicy sauce, served over white rice
Shrimp Creole
*  $8

Peeled Gulf Coast Shrimp gently simmered in a spicy tomato sauce, served over white rice

Boys *

Oyster OR Shrimp OR Catfish OR Crawfish    $12
Dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and Mara’s Remoulade Sauce,
served in a French baguette
Served with a side of No-Mayo Cole Slaw

 Combo – ½ and ½ of any two $13
Soft Shell Po' Boys  Market Price