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Desserts  *gluten free

Party Catering              All whole pies and cakes may be ordered with at least a day's notice

All desserts are freshly made by Mara

Selections may vary daily

Beignets  $6  (not available for take out)

Chocolate Soufflé *  $10(not available for take out) 

A flourless, dark chocolate soufflé accompanied by a dark chocolate sauce

Bananas Foster *  $9  (not available for take out)

Bananas simmered in brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, banana liqueur, flamed in rum, then poured over vanilla ice cream

Red Velvet Cake  $7

A densely textured light chocolate cake with a cream cheese, pecan, coconut, cherry filling and butter cream icing

Chocolate Pecan Cake  $7

A dark chocolate fudge cake, richly decadent with a dark chocolate glaze, topped with pecans

Bluegrass Pie  $7

Pecan pie with bourbon and chocolate

Traditional Pecan Pie    $7

A flakey butter crust filled with pecan pie, the traditional Southern way

Chocolate Cream Pie    $7

An Oreo cookie crust filled with dark chocolate mousse, topped with freshly whipped cream

Fresh Strawberry Almond Pie    $7

An almond graham cracker crust filled with fresh strawberries, served with freshly whipped cream

Double crusted Apple Pie    $7

A flakey butter crust filled with fresh Granny Smith Apples dusted with cinnamon, topped with another flakey butter crust and baked

Key Lime Pie  $7

A graham cracker crust filled with a balance of sweet and tart

Fresh Fruit Cobbler  $7

Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce  $6

A la Mode $3 (not available for take out)